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Para Medical Courses in interdisciplinary medical subjects are becoming extremely significant in Health Care delivery systems. In the recent years, there has been a growing need for qualified and well-trained Para Medical personnel who form an essential constituent of medical profession. In order to meet the increasing demands for qualified and trained Para Medical personnel.

Paramedical science is an inseparable part of the health care system and runs parallel to medical science in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Diagnostic tools like the clinical laboratory, the X-ray, the ultrasound, CT and other invasive or non-invasive methods and therapeutic technical modes like physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy are part of the paramedical system.

India is a huge country with the population of over 100 millions .Health care services is under tremendous pressure In spite of its importance in the health care industry, the potential of paramedical science as an organized form of education is still vastly underestimated.

To avail modern medical facilities, we have to depend largely on the qualified technician who can handle the diagnostic equipment that can be useful in the detection of the disease. Also there are very few institutions imparting technical training and the number of technicians capable of operating them is even fewer.

This high volume of manpower shall be functioning in various designations such as Medical Laboratory Technologist, Radiologist, Physiotherapist, Optometrist, Operation Theatre Assistant, ECG Technician etc.

In all private and government hospitals. Diagnostic tools like microscope, gamma camera, x-ray machine and functions like Ultrasonography, CT scan, MRI Scan, Endoscopies etc. are some of the fields where a paramedical professional can earn his expertise. Opportunities also exist in nursing homes, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, research laboratories, big clinics and diagnostic centers.

S. No. Course Name Duration Eligibility
1- General Duty Assistant (GDA) 6th Month 10th Pass
2- Medical Lab Technician (MLT) 6th Month 10+2 Sci
3 - Diploma in Operation Theater Technology (DOTT) 2 Years 10+2 Bio
4- Diploma in Radiology & Imaging Technology (DRIT) 2 Years 10+2 Bio
5- Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT) 2 year 10+2 Bio
6- B.Sc-Medical Lab Technology (B.Sc-MLT) 3 year 10+2 Bio
7- B.Sc -Medical Lab Technology Lateral Entry (B.Sc-MLT-LT) 2 year 10+2+DMLT, 10+3yrs Diploma in MLT/
8- Certificate in Medical Lab Technology (CMLT) 1 Years 10th Pass
9- Certificate in Auxiliary Nurse (CAN) 1 Years 10th Pass
10- Diploma in Auxiliary Nurse (DAN) 1 Years 12th Pass