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Animal Health Worker

Animal Health Worker provides preventive health care, assistance in contagious disease control and basic first aid services to farm animal and poultry, mostly in the outdoor setting. He / she also play a role in veterinary extension, disaster management and other environmental, public health related service.

An Animal Health Worker should have a mind for science, belongingness to the community, compassion for animals, good leadership, and communication and observation skills. He / she should be physically strong and have manual dexterity to perform on the job.

Course Details :

Course Name Duration Eligibility
AHW (Animal Health Worker) 6th month 12th Pass

Job Prospects and Career Opportunities :

  • Monitor and document animal behaviour
  • Assist in laboratory research
  • Performing training sessions for animals
  • Assist animal producers in handling animals
  • Implementation of animal breeding services in farm animals
  • Controlling & Restraining of Animals